At Atelier Azara, design is the subject for inquiry and exploration. We endeavor to expand the repertoire of imagined outcomes through investigative material research, inventive application of emergent technologies, and keen observations of both our natural habitat and built environment. We aim to expand and coalesce a multidisciplinary approach to creating heuristic design solutions that affect positive change in a dynamic world.

Taking cues from culturally diverse traditional design processes, Atelier Azara enjoys animating debate with dogma forged by intense rigor, infectious curiosity and a healthy dose of both premeditated optimism and pragmatic skepticism. Our expectations must be high - maintaining the viability of life require as much. We look forward to developing design projects and strategies that encompass a singular aesthetic attitude imbued with technical assurance and far reaching applicability.

By challenging conventions, rejecting at times while transcending in others, we hope to create alternative possibilities not yet devised or deployed. Our scope of interest embraces a wide range of building types, planning scales and design disciplines such as interiors, furniture, products, branding and material investigations. We intend to offer ourselves as incubators of catalytic change and purveyors of holistic solutions. Drawing from the rich architectural legacy of Chicago, our aim will focus on local projects but manifest in activities and discoveries towards maximizing global impact.

Atelier Azara, design advocates and solution analysis – a Think Tank for exceptional design.

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